About me

I am Hing Ong, a Postdoctoral Scholar at University of California, Davis, working in Dr. Da Yang’s research group. Welcome to my academic personal website.

I am interested in Geophysical Fluid Dynamics and Earth System Modeling. I have a keen sense of inconsistencies between traditional approximations and modern applications, and the desire to find out the consequences of the inconsistencies motivates me to study. Such inconsistency-motivated thinking has led me into the following distinct research topics: (1) nontraditional Coriolis terms, (2) dynamic compensation of convective mass flux, and (3) diabatic tilting of potential vorticity.

I am also interested in teaching. I usually volunteer to teach whenever I see an opportunity; for example, I served as a teaching assistant when I was a graduate student at National Taiwan University and University at Albany, State University of New York.

I grew up in Taiwan, otherwise named and mostly educated in Chinese Mandarin. My grandparents and 80% of Taiwanese in their generation speak/spoke Taiwanese Hokkien, a.k.a. Tâigí, but only 39% of Taiwanese in my generation speak this language. Since grown up, I have been striving to pick up Tâigí and adopted my Tâigí name, Hing Ong, or Ông Hîng in its traditional surname-first format with tonal notation. I presented my master thesis in Tâigí.